Connecting with our Neighbours

We want to give you the good news that we have succeeded in our application to Leader for financial help to develop a garden.

This garden will be a space where the children of Brigit's Hearth and our elderly neighbours from Raheen Hospital, will enjoy each others company.

We are calling this project an Intergenerational Garden. 

This garden will also be available to the children from the primary schools, community college, other local organizations, projects and people from our community. 

We look forward to meeting and engaging with anyone interested in helping us, with a shovel or a pen.

We only heard about this news a couple of days ago. Stay connected as we will be reporting on the progress of this and on ways in which anyone interested can contribute.

The New, needs the reference and the experience of the Old to advance. The children, need the moral richness that exudes from the elderly as the elderly need to feel the miracle of life that expreses, so purely, in the young children.