We are a Community Developed organization offering high quality care for young children through various programmes.



We are a Community Developed organization offering high quality care for young children. Brigit’s Hearth offers an innovative childcare model centred in providing young children, from 6 months to 6 years, with a home from home experience that meets the specific need of young children.

Our project started as a small initiative wanting to offer holistic care to young children. Offering young children a home experience is at the heart of our work. We chose the name of Brigit, mother/goddess of the Irish, looking for a source of wisdom and courage. Hearth, as a source of gathering and warmth. We want to offer each family an environment of warmth and wisdom to nurture the heart.


Our work is inspired by our knowledge of Waldorf Education and the principles of Rudolf Steiner. We also apply Emmi Pikler’s insights into the importance of movement during the first years. Our mission is to offer a home from home for young children who are away from their home during the workday. We believe that the child’s relationship to the adults in their care and to the environment are the two most important aspects through which the child can experience healthy life, rhythms and routines. Brigit’s Hearth provides a practical childcare model, which recognizes the spiritual reality of the child. We are committed to create a place were childhood is protected, nurture and revered.

The property, adjacent to the Community Hospital and Nursing Home at Raheen Woods Estate, includes 2 acres of land where we plan to develop kitchen gardens. As well as the children having a real experience in the gardens we hope this project can develop into a multigenerational opportunity.