Young children thrive in the presence of devoted people who find joy in living. 


They learn primarily through imitation and therefore need to be cared for by committed individuals with integrity and warmth that are worthy to be imitated. The presence of their caregivers is the most required quality.

Children thrive in the homelike environment that offers beauty, comfort and security. Healthy sense development is fostered when the toys are of natural materials. In infancy and early childhood daily life experiences is the “curriculum”.

The child’s relationships to the adults and to the environment are the two most important aspects through which the child can experience healthy life rhythms and routines. These include rest and play, all weather outdoors exercise, regular mealtimes, domestic activities, social creativity, music and simple artistic activities. Brigit’s Hearth provides a practical childcare, which recognizes the spiritual reality of the child. A place where childhood is revered, nurtured and gently guided to unfold, a place to grow and learn.